Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thank You Suncrest!

Children's Activity in Higuey

Breanna sharing the story of Joseph

Dominican and Suncrest youth with a group of children in Punta Cana

New friends working together in Punta Cana
Thank you Suncrest for your time of service here in the Dominican Republic. You all are a great group. You guys stepped out of your comfort zones to serve the Dominicans.  First at a VBS with over 100 kids in Higuey and then at camp with the La Romana youth.  You fought through language and cultural barriers and made new friends.  Suncrest youth and La Romana worked together beautifully to offer an activity to large group of children in Punta Cana.  I hope that you will continue your attitude of service now you are back in the USA.  I pray that you will each be bold in your faith as you face your own challenges at home.  I am proud of what you accomplished here and I know that God will continue to work in you as you become the men and women God created you to be.   

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