Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thank you, teams!

This morning we said good bye to another work team from the United States. Though they probably have made it to Punta Cana by now, they will work there until Saturday before they head back to Erie,IL. They were a small team of just 6, but with a lot of great skills that were put to use in the medical clinic at the center where the La Romana church meets. In previous months since we arrived, other work teams have also volunteered their time and skills to serve the people of the Dominican Republic through Eastern Dominican Christian Mission. The mission has hosted, farmers, a doctor, nurses, salesmen, ministers, concrete layers, a horse trainer and students, to name just a few. And each person has offered something special that has touched the ministry here in a unique way. So thank you CCU, Cogan Station, Pomona and Erie. We thank you for your work here. We pray that you will continue to share in our ministry here in the Dominican Republic and that your lives have been touched as you have touched ours. If you have plans to be a part of the one of the work teams coming this year, we look forward to seeing how God will use your own talents and gifts to serve God here in the Dominican Republic. If you are interested in being a part of a team, contact Ryan at to discuss how your small group can serve.