Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cristo Urbano in the east

Cristo Urbano is a collaboration of Christian rap and hip hop artists that desire to bring glory to God by sharing their talents.  The group traveled from their home base in Santiago to share with us in the east.  Friday night they arrived in Higuey to offer a free concert at the new church plant there.  Unfortunately after a few hours of waiting at the new church site in the rain, they had to cancel due to not having power.  It was a disappointment for the few that had braved the storm.  However, the following night Cristo Urbano was able to perform at the church in La Romana.  It was an event that helped bring together young Christians from various denominations in La Romana to worship God while having fun.  We look forward to uniting together more with our brothers and sisters from the western part of the country to work together in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging those that already know Jesus.        

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