Saturday, June 27, 2009

A "new" car

Since the rainy season is now here, it has made our life a little more difficult. The short walks to the grocery store, or to catch a cab to nearby shopping are now complicated by timing the trip to avoid torrential down pours. Though MANY people live like this, we have been praying that a affordable opportunity would arise for us to own a car. And God blessed us. A missionary associated with the school was returning to the states and wanted to sell his car and at a great price. So we are now proud owners of a 1992 Ford Explorer! We look forward to the convenience of life with a car again! We also are grateful that we already have a buyer for when we leave Costa Rica for the same price we paid! Praise God for helping meet not only our needs but our desires too.

Culture Day

We had a wonderful Culture day at school on Friday, June 19. The teacher’s shared with us about the tradition of the local “Turno” or carnival and how they are a large part of the Tican culture. Ryan and his grammar teacher, Francisco started the events off with a LOUD fireworks display as is traditional in all turnos. The fireworks were followed up by the commencement of carnival type games complete with our teachers as “carnies”. It was a great day to spend having fun with the staff and students at school without the stress of studying Spanish.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Anniversary

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last night by going to a wonderful Peruvian restaurant called Inka Grill. We enjoyed delicious food and the company of one another. I thank God for my husband, whom leads our family to follow God's will in our lives. I couldn't be happier and plan to spend many more years serving God with my beloved Ryan. Happy Anniversary to us! :)