Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Shocking Experience...

Ok, in the states I am sure someone would sue for this, but we are in Latin America....not going to happen. This really is just a short blog about how life is a little different here than in good old Virginia. I went to a nearby pulperia (small grocery store) earlier today to buy a coke and a gatorade to replenish my depleated system (I have been sick for about a week). I reached my hand in the very normal looking refrigerator, the kind that you find full of cokes, pepsi's, and other sodas at a Stop-in or something. But when I put my hand in the fridge, I got shocked!! That's right, something shocked me and I jolted backwards! Simaltaneously the lights to two full fridges went out and the same time. After coming to (ok, it wasn't that bad), I looked inside the fridge and low and behold there were the electric wires for the fridge sticking out off the side of the fridge. Uncovered, contacted and exposed!! I had scrapped the wires with my pinky finger and received my first shock from a refrigerator!!! Hey, just part of being a missionary in a different country I guess.

Rain, Rain

Well, we have entered into the rainy season in Costa Rica, and it is just that. Evidently the rainy season begins in May and goes through October, progressively getting worse each month. Right now it is beautiful in the mornings and then gets cloudy about midday. Then it rains all afternoon and usually into the night. I asked our empleada "house-keeper" how she lives during the rainy season because this much rain is new to me. She laughed and responded with the word "Mojado," which means "wet." She said that you just take your umbrella everywhere and just expect to be wet all the time. Therefore, that is what we do. Everyday after class, we bundle up in our rain jackets with hoods, our waterproof covered stroller and make a run for it to our house, which is about a 20 minute walk from our school. Praise God for the rain and the good it does for our earth. However, it will take some getting used to for us Gringos that are not used to living in the rain.