Friday, September 12, 2008

EDCM at Work

Here are some pictures of the work of Eastern Dominican Christian Mission: 1. Construstion Picture:The construction is our church plant in Punta Cana where Franklin and Illonka are ministering. This particular building will be the parsonage that they will live in while ministering in Punta Cana. 2. The Map: This map just gives you an idea of the the location of La Romana (where we will be living) and the surrounding cities. 3. The Man Picture: The men in the picture are the elders at the La Romana Church. These are Godly men that see through the eyes of Jesus. Please pray for these men as they try to lead their congregation to Jesus. 4. Party Picture: This pic was taken the last night we were in the DR in August. We had the elders and Victor's family over to Rick and Suzanne's to celebrate anniversaries. We had a great time!
Please continue to pray for EDCM and the work God is doing through them in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hello readers and welcome to the VandeLinde Family blog!! We are new missionaries serving the Dominican Republic and we are going to use this blogspot to keep our friends, family, and partners informed about how God is moving in our lives and in our ministry. We are excited about where God is taking our family and what He is going to do through us in the future. We thank you for reading our blog and being interested in what God is doing in our family and in the Dominican Republic. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!