Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Ministry Launched in Higuey

Last Sunday, May 22 the new church in Higuey met for the first time for Sunday morning services.  The city of Higuey is located in the middle of La Romana and Punta Cana.  It is a city that is full of religious tradition much surrounding the catholic church. but very few know Jesus as their personal savior.  The new church plant is located on the edge of town where a more rural area meets the motorcycle filled streets.  On Sunday 230 were counted present during the service.  We celebrated the first service with brothers and sisters from the congregations in Punta Cana, La Romana and even a three brothers from the United States. It was a wonderful experience to worship together through singing, dancing and even mime! The minister Victor Hernandez shared a message about his dream for God to transform the community of Villa Cero in Higuey.  I pray that is your dream too. 

Pray for the people in Villa Cero, Higuey.  Pray that God prepares their hearts to accept the word of God.  Pray that God will touch the community and transform lives.  Pray that Satan will be powerless against those spreading the truth.

Please pray for Victor Hernandez and his family, wife Heidy, daughter Abigail and son Cristian as they are just beginning a new ministry.  Pray for the oldest son and his family still living in Costa Rica as they anticipate the arrival of a second child in January.  Pray that God will bless the entire family with friends. Pray they will continue to burn with a passion to reach the people in Higuey.  Pray they will have the discernment to know when to rest and when to press on.  Pray for perseverance to endure difficult times that are ahead.   
Pray when ever you think of it and about whatever God lays on your heart.
Pray. . .pray. . .pray!  
We rejoice in the beginning of a new church plant and can't wait to see how God will amaze us!

(Thanks to Greg Sexton for the photos.  My camera died right before the service began!)

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