Thursday, December 9, 2010

Josiah's arrival

On September 23, we welcomed Josiah into this world.  His arrival started in normal way.  Around lunch time I went into labor, things progressed normally through the afternoon and evening and around 9:30pm we headed to the hospital.  While I was pushing, I was experiencing a lot of pain even though I had an epidural.  (Yes, we have epidurals here.)  And then Josiah's heart rate dropped.  I was rushed into surgery for an emergency c-section.  Once in surgery the doctor discovered a tear in my uterus originating from my previous c-section scar.  Then when removing the baby my uterus ruptured, a rare but potential life threatening complication when attempting a vaginal birth after a cesarean delivery.  Josiah emerged a bit sluggish but after 30 minutes or so of oxygen,  he was fine.    My doctor, and also great surgeon, was able to repair the ruptured uterus after a couple hours of surgery.  I lost a lot of blood during the surgery and so the following morning I received two pints of blood (one pint from my loving husband).  After four days in the hospital, I returned home with my new baby boy.  A couple days after that I returned to the hospital for a outpatient procedure to treat the spinal headache I had been having.  In the following days, I began to feel sick and called my doctor and let her know I thought I had a bladder infection.  After a few days of antibiotics, I felt worse and returned to the hospital.   I was diagnosed with a bladder infection, as well as an infection of the endometrium and anemia.  I was admitted to the hospital for a few days during which time my mother-in-law returned to the US leaving Ryan alone with the two boys.  I was anxious to get better to return home to my family but once I was home, I still was not well.  At the time I did not know that I had an abscess growing inside of me.  After about a week more, the abscess ruptured causing my c-section scar to open.  So once again I returned to the hospital.  Upon admission, I was diagnosed with severe anemia as well as the ruptured abscess.  Due to the anemia I received two more pints of blood (one pint from Victor Jimenez, the pastor at La Romana).  During my hospital stay my mother arrived from the US.  After a few days, I returned home again.  After all the complications, I am enjoying being at home enjoying my family.  Josiah is a precious baby and I am thankful for his health and good temperment.  In general, Micah has done very well adjusting to a new brother during all this other craziness.  And Ryan and I have been blessed by seeing God's love for us through the body of Christ here in the DR and those in the US that have lifted us up in prayer.  It has been a long, difficult couple months.  But I have been encouraged to see God's faithfulness in action and in a personal way.                              

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Tracy said...

Erin, I am so glad that you are recovering now! Stay healthy! Merry Christmas!